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We are memory designers.
We enchant time. But only the time to remember.

We have just turned 40, but our love of magical moments goes back a long way. Sono gli abbracci sentiti, i ringraziamenti speciali, i brindisi gioiosi, i momenti che racchiudono la storia di ogni famiglia. We like to call ourselves memory designers, because special memories deserve to stand the test of time. Our first wedding favour was, not surprisingly, a picture frame. Not just any frame, its style made hundreds of brides and grooms fall in love!

And do you know why we love framing family memories so much? Because behind Claraluna favours there is a whole family saga. Because, like all the most authentic companies, Claraluna was not born from a cold business analysis but from passion and entrepreneurial ability, from a new and unmistakable aesthetic taste, from a family that from generation to generation has transformed a dream to be realised into a consolidated company known all over Italy.

We give life to your graces to make them last.

Since 1982 we have been accompanying families at the most important moments: weddings, christenings, communions, confirmations, graduations, anniversaries and birthdays. We have embellished 20,000 ceremonies a year with all kinds of favours, keepsakes and souvenirs for any event, gift bags, gadgets for birthdays and other special events. Our products can be found in more than 800 authorised points of sale and every year they are renewed like the families they tell.

Over the years Claraluna has been able to evolve while remaining true to itself. Refined but accessible style; classic taste but always in step with the times; ideas for wedding favours that are always different so as not to get bored, excellent workmanship to make them last; design objects to combine the beautiful and the useful, light, versatile lines that know how to be recognised.

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